Some smoke signals from a lost island

Hello, buccaneers! After leaving the blog alone for almost one year, I’m back at full sail. I’ve been really busy lately but it was a hoot with a lot of learning. I have worked on various projects for different clients and I have been able to learn countless new things. The project I’m most proud of is the real-time, interactive dashboard for healthcare authorities in Argentina, which was awarded by SalesForce.

After successfully completing my latest project, I come back recharged from my vacation ready for my new assignment. At the same time, I will resume my habit of studying new things. Certain career goals have changed and new ones are arriving based on Azure and GCP cloud technologies. In fact, this last year most of the projects in which I have participated were built in these technologies. Because of this, I want to earn Architect Certification on Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and Amazon Web Services cloud platforms, in that order. This knowledge will also be very useful for GAIA-X, the cloud project of the European Union.

Since I already have experience in all three clouds, I will start with the highest certification I can, skipping the optional ones. I have already taken the AZ-303: Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies path for the Exam AZ-303: Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies, but it seemed insufficient, so I enrolled in the AZ-303 - Azure Architect Technologies Udemy course because I will be taking the exam soon. My plans to master C and the Linux kernel will have to wait. In any case, I keep learning about artificial intelligence scheduled for this year. Good Winds!