Started MongoDB courses M220J and M001

I finished Spring Microservices course last week, in the same week, course M202J: MongoDB for Java Developers started. These courses are always free but they’re not always open, they’re available only for a limited time on different dates, so I enrolled in this course before finishing the microservices related one to avoid waiting for the next schedule.

Seems that this course brings everything a Java developer needs to start creating an application that works with MongoDB. It’s based on the premise that we maintain an application called mflix which needs some maintenance in its data layer and the best part is that it’s built over Spring Boot, just when I finished a course about this topic. A great coincidence!

During this maintenance, you’ll connect the application to MongoDB Atlas using the synchronous Java driver for MongoDB and make queries like basic reads, updates, deletes, joins, and aggregations. You also will learn about bulk operations and resiliency; where connection pooling, error and timeout handling, and the principle of least privilege are involved. It’s important to learn well the lessons because you’ll have to pass an exam at the end of the course.

It’s recommended to take the course M001: MongoDB Basics before but due to schedule dates, it starts today, so I also enrolled here. I completed this course a couple of years ago and I just want to have an update. I see some people who had taken the courses before had published the code in GitHub, so I did the same in GitLab for M220J, as M001 starts today, it’s repo will be available soon. This course is about learning the fundamentals of MongoDB, including Atlas Server and Compass Client. You’ll learn basic queries, the MongoDB Query Language, CRUD operations, cursors, projections, and different operators. It will have a final exam too.

Take a look at MongoDB University, it is a very useful tool with many courses to learn and stay up to date. I hope you enjoy there. Meanwhile, have good winds, sailor.