Ahoy buccaneer! Welcome to the coast of Otzarri.net, my small island in the seas of the Internet. My name is Joseba Martos, I was born in the ’80s in a little town called Bermeo. I lived in Colombia for many years, so I have a strong relationship with Latin American culture. Life brought me to Paris, where I currently live.

I’m a free software enthusiast since I was a young boy. I completed my studies at Harrobia Ikastola, and now I work as a Senior DevOps Engineer at Globant. I contribute with free software releasing code and documentation in GitHub. I get involved in initiatives of organizations like FSF/FSFE, Mozilla, or OSM.

I dream of the welfare of people and nature, so I follow technopolitical trends nearby. I believe in a world with no place for classism, fascism, homophobia, racism, sexism, transphobia, xenophobia, or any other regressive behavior. It’s important to work with hacker ethics to achieve this: Supporting the free circulation of knowledge, privacy, and network neutrality, among others. As free technologies are tools for social transformation, I also have fun in social movements with activities like conferences, promotion campaigns, courses, and discussions.

As I feel good in nature, I like hiking and sailing. Astrophysics is one of my favorite sciences because each answer brings new questions. Everything is more beautiful with good music, so I love blues and rock.

In case you want to contact me, don’t hesitate to do it through my preferred channels: Mastodon and Matrix. We can converse in Basque (Euskara), Catalan (I’ll do my best), English, and Spanish. Thanks for visiting.