Course completed: GCP Fundamentals: Core Infrastructure

In a previous post, I talked about my intention to learn about Google Cloud Platform, and thanks to Globant, I had the opportunity to enroll in the GCP Partners Learning Program. Today I completed the Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals: Core Infrastructure course, the first one I did on the platform, so I wish to share with you my achievement and also some thoughts about it.

It’s a great training system that takes place in Coursera, it’s seamlessly integrated with Qwiklabs, giving an interactive training experience based on video lessons and hands-on labs.

There are a lot of courses available, and they’re organized into groups called specializations and professional certificates. Due to personal interest and project requirements, I’m doing the Architecting with Google Kubernetes Engine specialization right now. Once I finish this one, I want to complete the Cloud Architecture with Google Cloud Professional Certificate course.

I hope to be lucky and have the opportunity to get certified in these technologies. My certification goals are Associate Cloud Engineer and Professional Cloud Architect certifications. So, I’m redesigning my learning path to don’t leave away the other technologies I want to master: C language and Linux kernel.

So, buccaneers, take advantage of all the training opportunities you have, and never hesitate. There is time to achieve the objectives as long as we organize our time well. The keys are patience and perseverance.