Create your first Kubernetes operator

Ahoy there, fellow Kubernetes administrators! It is undeniable that the success of Kubernetes has taken the tech world by storm. And do you know what’s even better than mastering Kubernetes management? Of course! It’s learning how to extend it. That’s why I’m excited to share with you a fantastic course. It will help you to gain a deeper understanding of Kubernetes architecture and learn how to create our own Kubernetes operator.

I replicated the course based on its code and documentation, which was originally published by Abby Bangser. I made a few minor modifications to provide you with the necessary code and documentation, including the system configuration that I utilised. I uploaded the contents to the GitHub repository otzarri/training-create-your-first-kubernetes-operator.

It includes all the materials you need to complete the course. The repository is divided into various directories, each containing the code and the documentation for different sections of the course. Additionally, the repository root includes a README file that provides an overview of the course and links to Abby’s work.

That’s it for now, me hearties. Happy sailing and may your Kubernetes journey be a smooth one!