Hello world!

Otzarri.net was born 7 years ago as the main place to develop my digital identity after maintaining some personal blogs before. It’s awesome how your website evolves in the same way you do as it was a reflection in the mirror of your life. These last years brought many changes to my life, also to this site: In the beginning, this website was written only in Basque, after I moved to Latin America and found myself surrounded by Spanish-speaking people, I started writing in Spanish. Nowadays I know diverse people from different parts of the world, so I want to develop content in English.

Otzarri.net is reborn, all the previous content was removed and the WordPress based engine was replaced by a static website managed by Hugo. The WordPress instance that managed this site was full of features, had a pretty customized child theme and functional customizations but I never felt very attracted to it. I think WordPress is too big for my needs and I need simplicity.

Screenshot of 2013
Screenshot of 2016
Screenshot of 2019

During last years I heard about Hugo for static sites and I gave it a try that impressed me. Using, extending functionalities, and customizing it is straightforward because no programmatic back-end exists, so the code is very clean and easy. It has other advantages like no need for caches neither databases, no security issues or to be deployable in simple web servers, also in GitLab or GitHub pages with no cost. Cheaper, simpler and more secure.

I was not used to keeping my blog with fresh content but let’s give a chance to the KISS principle to post more frequently and see you again in these sailing routes.