Started MongoDB courses M220J and M001

I finished Spring Microservices course last week, in the same week, course M202J: MongoDB for Java Developers started. These courses are always free but they’re not always open, they’re available only for a limited time on different dates, so I enrolled in this course before finishing the microservices related one to avoid waiting for the next schedule. Seems that this course brings everything a Java developer needs to start creating an application that works with MongoDB.

Completed Spring Microservices Course

Today I finished Master Microservices with Spring Boot and Spring Cloud course, the first I complete in the Udemy learning platform. Thanks to the instructor Ranga Karanam for his good work and explanations, also for putting support material in this GitHub Repository. The first part is about Spring Boot, which is a framework to simplify the bootstrapping and development of new Spring applications. Here I built a RESTful service with Spring Boot looking at different and important aspects like REST specification, logging, database abstraction layer with JPA, exception handling, internationalization, HATEOAS, etc.