FOSDEM 2020 videos are publicly available

FOSDEM is one of my favorite free software events. I went for the first time in 2013 with my friends Dabid, Laura, and Marcos. A few months later I moved to Colombia and could not visit the event for several years. This year the event was held on 1st and 2nd February. It had a lot of interesting talks: IoT ethics, Kubernetes, Guix, automation, freedom on AI, open infrastructure, Kubernetes in ARM (Raspberry Pi 4), etc.

Although I planned to attend, I had to return to Colombia to solve some pending issues. My relocation to Europe was a bit complicated. So I missed the opportunity to visit Belgium again to meet new people from the community and to enjoy their delicious beer 🍺😒. This year I have to settle for watching the events online, but next year I will not miss the FOSDEM experience.

Fortunately, FOSDEM is much more than an event where the best contributors and hackers meet each other, it’s an event that promotes freedom of knowledge, so all the work done is published on its website. If you, like me, could not be in the ULB during the celebration of the FOSDEM, you can take a look to them in the following link: