I Love Free Software Day 2020

Free Software Foundation Europe yearly celebrates the I Love Free Software Day at Valentine’s Day. It’s a very special which spreads love and free software worldwide. It’s when we give our recognition and thanks to the contributors of different free projects, including maintainers, contributors, and other activists.

ilovefs 2020 photo

This date is the most appropriate to give them the recognition they deserve, and I decided to show publicly my love for some Free Software projects which were important for my professional career using the tag #ilovefs. As donations from individuals help to guarantee the continuity and independence of the project, I decided to make a donation on each #ilovefs day. Today I made a donation for Mozilla Foundation because I really love the Firefox browser and I think their work about the privacy on the web is very important for us.

ilovefs 2020 photo

Did you think about how much free software are you using? You may use Firefox, LibreOffice, Android or Notepad++ on your desktop. You also may be using Apache or Nginx web servers when you’re surfing the web, and you may not be aware of that. We have the right to use free software for any goal, but it’s much more than this. We can study it to become better professionals, modify and share it again to help activists, and take part in international teams who work with the most innovative technologies, while we ensure that it will remain free.

I encourage you to take part in this lovely initiative. FSFE proposes some ways for taking part and also a photo gallery that you can browse for inspiration. Have fun with us supporting free software in your preferred way. Even the smallest help will always be welcome. And remember buccaneer! We ♥ free software, free as in freedom, not as in free beer.