Sailing across seas of free software

Urte barri on! 2020

Zirraraz jantzita doa iragan dugun urtea, nik ezin esan nezake aspergarria izan dela. Gora behera guztiak zorionez oroitzea, nahigabeak itxaropen bilakatzen jakitea. Badakit nondik natorren, ez dakit norabidea, baina garrantzitsuena bide osoa gozatzea. Laster gaude elkarrekin lagun eta senideak, zuoi opa dizuet poza ta software askea.

Chef client bootstrapping lab

Seems that I’ll work with Chef soon, so it’s time to review some lessons about it. After browsing the web for a while, I found that using Virtualbox to virtualize infrastructure and Vagrant to manage it as code is the easiest and fastest way to provision new lab environments for Chef. The first step to start working is to create a baseline, a minimal workaround built with one server host and two nodes.

HTTPS fixed and comments enabled

Did you see the new comment box at the bottom of the page? Or tried to visit Otzarri.net through HTTPS? Those are the new features Otzarri.net implements this weekend to increase privacy and two-way communication. SSL certificates are generated by Let’s Encrypt with no cost, so if you have a web hosting with SSL support, this is a great option for you. If you don’t, in Gitlab Pages you can host for free a static site generated with Hugo, as I did.

Course completed: Spring Microservices

Today I finished Master Microservices with Spring Boot and Spring Cloud course, the first I complete in the Udemy learning platform. Thanks to the instructor Ranga Karanam for his good work and explanations, also for putting support material in this GitHub Repository. The first part is about Spring Boot, which is a framework to simplify the bootstrapping and development of new Spring applications. Here I built a RESTful service with Spring Boot looking at different and important aspects like REST specification, logging, database abstraction layer with JPA, exception handling, internationalization, HATEOAS, etc.

Replacing author for multiple Git commits

Some time ago I was taking the course Master Microservices with Spring Boot and Spring Cloud but I had to leave it because these days I was getting very busy. Yesterday, after three months, I returned back and after pushing changes to GitLab repo, I noticed that changes were made with my GitHub email address instead of using the GitLab one. Last commit could be easily changed with the command below:

SSL certificate error until 23 Jun

During this week website’s HTTPS support will not be delivering the SSL certificates of otzarri.net. I deployed the site in GitLab Pages before implementing the auto-renewal of Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates for my domain, so it’s now using the certificates of GitLab. Although I’ll not be working on this until the weekend, at least secure communications are working properly and certificate issues will be resolved on 23 June. Meanwhile, don’t forget to keep browsing secure using free software browsers, user-oriented ones such as Mozilla Firefox or those with enhanced privacy features like Tor Browser.

Hello world!

Otzarri.net was born 7 years ago as the main place to develop my digital identity after maintaining some personal blogs before. It’s awesome how your website evolves in the same way you do as it was a reflection in the mirror of your life. These last years brought many changes to my life, also to this site: In the beginning, this website was written only in Basque, after I moved to Latin America and found myself surrounded by Spanish-speaking people, I started writing in Spanish.